Friday, October 31, 2014

Farewell (For Now)

Hi. This is to inform you that I will extend my blogging hiatus until the later weeks of May 2015. I am going to embark on a life-changing journey and in order to keep my focus, I've decided to sacrifice a few social media handles. I need to spend my time wisely for the next seven months and although I hate leaving the blogosphere, I have no choice. 

I will return, of course. Through God's grace, I pray that by that time, I'll finally have three extra letters after my name. Thank you for reading.


Monday, October 13, 2014

Dear Reader

We regret to inform you that the author of this blog is on a temporary hiatus from the blogosphere. Their computer's motherboard is broken making it difficult for him to regularly post (and tweet) anything. He has therefore decided to take time off to rest and focus on important personal matters (like staring at the ceiling and painting his nails). His writing will continue, of course, but on a different and more paper-ish platform. He hopes that his return (in a few days, or weeks) will offer a fresh perspective on his life and his writing. Thank you for understanding.

Sincerely, the voices inside his head.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Illustrations: Mark Antony and Caesar

Mark Antony and Caesar (299 x 305mm)
Colored pencils and gel ink pen on oslo.

"Marc Anthony and Caesar" was last night's attempt at juicing out creativity. I've always been fascinated by the ancient kingdoms and these two boys somewhat represent a timeless and legendary friendship that I wanted to portray. The piece is a fictional and romantic reinterpretation of the two legends. They're on a date on a Roman-themed carnival (even if Caesar's toga looks incredibly Greek). It's summer. And the breeze frolics with the sun's golden rays.

Saturday, October 4, 2014


Dear Lord,

My Almighty and omnipresent God, thank You for the gift of everyday. Thank You for my family and friends; for the simple joys life has to offer; for the good books to immerse myself into; for the challenges that will forge a better 'me'; and for providing us with our daily sustenance.

Lord, I humbly ask for Your forgiveness - for doing what is not right, and for not doing what is right. I pray that You will forgive me.

Lord, I pray for my future. I understand that it is uncertain, but I also understand that there are difficulties I am going to face. I am asking you to physically, emotionally, financially and spiritually prepare me. Remind me every single day about the value of good health. Help me maintain it. Encourage me to nourish my body with good food; my brain with good books; and my soul with good deeds, prayer and meditation. Do not let me be led astray Lord. Let the faith that You have planted in my heart bloom beautifully. 

I truly am grateful for the many opportunities and challenges You have granted me. I pray that I will live life according to Your grace. All these things I ask and pray through Jesus Christ, my Lord, my God and my savior. Amen.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Dear Smoker

Yesterday was terrible. It was the third of my 24-hour allergy installment and the cigarette smoke puffed by one of your comrades at the public market this morning only made matters worse. My eyes were watery and the unbearable heat is making me squeeze my lids tighter together. Seeing was difficult. And so was breathing as mucus dripped, incredibly clear and sticky, from my innocent nostrils. One concern was that sometimes there were red fragments on the mucus. I probably scratched my nose or sneezed too hard, but nonetheless, it was a paranoia-inducing experience. And that's not to mention the splitting headache and the eternal sleepiness involved whenever the allergy attacks. Doing anything was impossible that I had no choice but to succumb to bed if reading and writing and watching TV and surfing the internet were already unbearable.

And so, as a person whose main concern is to live a long, healthy, and happy life, I am pleading thou cigarette enthusiasts to indulge on thy vices more privately. Now first of all, I have nothing against you. I even know smokers who are a lot more successful than those who don't; and I am pretty much aware that we'll die in one way or another anyway whether we smoke or not. My plea therefore is a plea of sensitivity. I am humbly asking you to consider the environment before lighting your stick.

Allergies can be triggered by a lot of things - dust, pollen, or upon consistent nose rubbing - but cigarette smoke has a very special way of tickling and irritating noses (for me, at least). I am begging you. Please. At least do it whenever nonsmokers and/or people with allergies are not around. Because once we start sneezing, we never stop.


Nonsmoker/Someone with allergies

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Get Dressed Quickly

And he kissed you softly, tenderly, like the raisins you had this morning, sun-baked in the hot Californian plains. The scent of grape permeates the air; its malevolent scent fills the room with notes of bittersweet longing. Regrets and doubts wrestled with your thoughts but your carnal desires have suffocated you long enough that emancipation was your ultimate goal.

So you rode and rode his magnificent bull, slowly at first but faster and harder as the waves of infernal desire took over both of your bodies. Fireworks. And you both slumped on the bed - sweating and panting and tired and guilty.

Get dressed, you told yourself. Quickly! His wife's coming home in a few minutes.