Friday, December 27, 2013


1. Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself. It is something you owe yourself.
2. Patience has its own reward. The good things in life take time to unfold.
3. There's more to life than love. But really, more like, 'there's more to life than love from someone special'. Love is manifested in all facets of existence. Friends, relatives, pets-these exhibit love. There's no need for an intimate relationship to make yourself happy.
4. Be inspired. Make your dreams come true.
5. Work hard. Because really, inspiration is just imagination if you won't get up and make things happen.
6. Get used to being alone. Do not depend too much on anybody.
7. Take care of your health. You only have one body. Unless you have a clone or a doppelganger. Exercise. Eat healthy. Be healthy.
8. There's still too much to read. Get going and flip those pages.
8. 'Develop your faith dimension.' Because your faith is your ticket to salvation.
9. You have options. Carefully weigh alternatives before jumping in on any bandwagon. There are no turning backs in life, only forward gears.
Of course, I cannot claim the absolute from all of this. Some are mainly generalizations, mantras I've formulated for myself as I sailed my stormy 2013. I can claim though that I will carry these lessons as I transverse my following years in this planet.

Ikaw? What are your lessons this year?

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Wine for Noche Buena

Like seriously, that's what we had. Wine for noche buena. No sumptuous pasta dish. No chicken (or turkey if you prefer that). No cakes and cheeses. No sushi or teriyaki. No nothing. Just pure, sweet, red wine.

Not that we're killjoys or are grumpy old holiday haters but really, we're a poor bunch. No sour puss here though. After mass, Mom and I clinked our wine-filled mugs like bohemian artists on some European cafe and drank to our hearts content. Famished, not so much. But definitely contented.

Besides, who needs midnight calories? (Hashtag candy-coating). Merry Christmas boys and girls :]

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Post No. 281

I don't know. I just have this feel that what I'm doing is directionless. That I'm not really happy with how things are in my life. I feel lost. And lonely. Very lonely. Like the thought of dying on the street with nobody noticing. You're just there, laying in infinite oblivion and the hustle and bustle continues. Stamping on you. Trampling you. And you're too dead to react or even realize.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Ruminations on Faith

After much deliberation, I realized that I do not hate God. I mean, seriously, the karma that will backfire at you for hating the supremo of the universe is unbearable so the thought of brewing thoughts against Him is something that I've trained myself to not do. Yes, I question God about the whys and hows of stuff that I'm going through but always with the confidence that He will answer me in the right time; in sweet, unknowing and unexpected ways.

Right now though, with the current health issues I'm battling, I think God is humbling me; that I am not invincible, that everything I do has a corresponding circumstance in the future, that I am nothing without Him. Maybe it took a considerable amount of contemplation before I realized these things, or maybe I've already had these thoughts and my current health status simply exponentialized everything.

But nonetheless, I am still grateful. For one, condition A is not life-threatening and a surgery is not necessary-for the moment, at least. And two, although condition B may develop into something serious (considering my family health history) I am grateful that I have a chance to maybe change things in the future by opting for a healthier lifestyle.

Right now though, my greatest weapon is in prayer; I'll put my trust in Him and just let Him do His magic.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Four Years Old and Counting

Like many blogging anniversaries before, here I am, utterly speechless; knowing what to say yet losing the words and the faculties of sentence construction to properly express what ought to be preached on this very special day.

I suppose a 'thank you' would not suffice, knowing that this is merely a speck in the universe of blogs and I cannot claim iconic subscription for something that's generally made up of personalized musings and issues. But to be honest, I think a 'thank you' is all that I can say.

To those who have read, to those who have commented, to those who have praised and criticized, and to those blogs I follow that have continually propelled me to continue this venture despite the many changes in the blogosphere, thank you. Thank you. And to Him who has given me this opportunity, thank You.

Cheers to more and more years guys :]