Sunday, March 31, 2013

On English and Intelligence

It is wrong to say that a person is intelligent just because he is able to convey his thoughts in English. Yes, English is a body of knowledge, a facet of intelligence, but to use it as the measure is unfair. I know a lot of people who have difficulty communicating in English but are very much dexterous in solving lengthy equations. I know teachers who teach in dialect because students understand them better that way.

Yes, to speak and understand English is to be abreast with globalization. English takes you everywhere. But the point is, one must not be prejudicial. One who speaks, who is able to speak, is not automatically the most correct person in the room. Intelligence is totality. And to measure it via a facet is myopic.

But then again. It all boils down to your definition of intelligence.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Fat Unicorn In-The-Making

Summer vacation has officially began and the looming problems of a bulging tummy and a more circular face has gone berserk. Truth be told, I have the soul for staying slim but unfortunately, stress and growth (damn you hormones) have a way with keeping fats on my otherwise svelte silhouette.

I used to be slim. And the contemplation of that not so long past is heartbreaking. There were days when I just swallow and swallow and swallow and the guilt and excess would just flow freely off to the loo. But these days, the guilt of swallowing has become a hole on my chest. And to resort to bulimia is otherwise an unglamorous option that the idea of eating has become a  pain. I love food. And the very fact that food and its corresponding substances love me back hurts.

I fear getting fat. I have this notion that I'll get 300% more unattractive though common sense and a lot of friends would tell me that getting "bulkier" will not change who I am, what I am, and what I do. True. I'm still an awesome and talented person, egocentricity aside, but becoming something that I do not want to be is a shift that I abhor taking. I also have these notions that I'll never get a boyfriend if I get a lot heavier although I know that love isn't limited to the physical. I understand love. I mean I know that it's not shallow at the very least. It's just that I fear that my chances of being with someone will get narrower if I become fatter.

And I'm worried. And depressed. And I also believe that I'm not the only one juggling this issue. Society is such a bitch. And that includes you Karlie Kloss and all you hot slim supermodels.

Saturday, March 23, 2013


He adores summer, the color it brings,
the state of elation it connotes
and simply the rush of things that splash and splash like seas kissing the sand.
And the days will roll by of sunny-side ups in the morning
and iced tea to quench midday thirsts,
of thinning wardrobes and sun-kissed skin,
and pregnant days of idleness and tummies cinched to keep slim.
And summer love affairs will bloom and blossom like May buds
and stolen kisses under fresh summer rains.
He adores summer. He adores it.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Awkward Thoughts And Denim

Okay. This is me trying.

There's always that state of embarrassment that we always get transfixed in and for the past week, that sordid solemn phase has made me spurt brain juice-the golden ichor that sustains my daily seizures (RIP precious brain cells). You see, choosing outfits in between balancing a feasibility oral defense, a recognition day on the Sunday plus a school affair on a Saturday has pounded half-a-pound of thoughts on my already pounded-sleepless head. I simply cannot choose between the over-worn beige short and the super-worn nautical-ish cropped pantaloons. Which goes with Saturday? And what's nice to wear on Sunday? And that's not even mentioning what I'm gonna wear on the oral defense!

And indeed, it was a disaster in the making. I look like a checked purple table when I wore my checked-purple-table-ish buttoned shirt on our oral defense, was super under-dressed on Saturday (I wasn't naked, promise) and was super duper overdressed on Sunday. Stark, dazed and utterly confused. I guess one should always, always, always know the nature and the dress code of any event before crashing into anything just yet.

Oh well. I guess the brain closet for forever embarrassments has room for more. On a positive note though, my denim vest is dope and I'm already formulating summer incarnations for it. Bwahaha. K.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Comeback Kid

Forever silently slipped from my hands and the days rolled like the passing of wind-distant and heavy and possibly un-literary. Poetry to me was our feasibility study chart descriptions and I believe that my English has gone extra elusive because of it.

Currently moving heaven and earth just to come up with a decent post that won't drive you guys away and the flurry of love life developments flash before my tired retina. The possibility vs the past is always dramatic to write about but I guess right now, I'd just first focus on just letting my un-manicured hands move across the keyboard. I miss the zeal of writing, the way words metaphorically blossom from my fingers and the way I listen to semi-indie, almost un-famous artists to propel the literature.

And so here I am again. Knocking. And singing in tuneless verses. Are you listening?

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Post No. 222

I feel like Atlas. Sleep is elusive and the piling up of responsibilities is a burden I can no longer carry. My English is rusty and my bones are fickle from too much SMS-ing and mobile FB-ing. Washing the dishes and washing clothes and washing my brain with bits and tidbits of accounting is a modern struggle tantamount to pre-revolution days. I shall be resurrected after my Feasibility Study struggles. But at the moment, I am a sexy zombie bitch with extra layers of moisturizer to cover my extra large eyebags. Cheerio.