Thursday, June 28, 2012


It's sad that the love that I cherish the most is slowly drifting away. The in-between moments of silence, the lackadaisical text messages and the unreplied "I love you's" all contributed to this measly meandering.

It is unspoken, that's why its sad. And now I want nothing else to do but talk to you and hope that you'd comfort me. 

You have made me happy, the happiest I could ever be, the happiest I've ever been.And now I wonder what I'll be if ever you decide to go. 

You'll find a million ME's Babe, a multitude of crazy boys willing to give you everything if they could. But I'll never find another you. 

Don't fret. I'm sorry if I scare you with my overly emo blabberings but there's just a multitude of thoughts I can never really say to you. I'm a coward. And the last thing I want you to do is leave me because you think I'm a psycho of some sort. 

But I guess I get too overly emotional. And maybe you're just bored. And sleepy. 


Friday, June 22, 2012

Rumor Has It

*A semi-Gossip Girl rampant from a boy who loves the show.

Spotted: The Princely Pauper, condemned by friends for loving a boy. Who wants ice cream? Make way for Rocky Road.

Gossip Girl

Thursday, June 7, 2012

In Search Of


The author is currently in the brink of losing his sanity due to some unknown disease that won't allow him to construct a decent paragraph. He thinks that this is the moment to reflect and reshuffle his writing techniques since typing has not been kind to his craft and fingernails.

And so, 'til the odds be ever in his favor, and the writing gods proclaim him good enough for another round in the blogosphere, he'll take his time off and focus on something he's bound to focus on in the next few days anyway: school. 

Who knows, he just might find that needed vial of inspiration there. Ciao mia amicizia!

Much l♥ve,


Friday, June 1, 2012

Songs and Serpent Patterns

An Aboriginal story is told of a rainbow serpent named Almudj who slept beneath the world with its belly full  of animal tribes. The awakening of Almudj created mountains and crevasses and eventually, the vomiting of the living beings inside it, thus creating the world in the process.

I dived into the sea of blankets, splashing every bit of foam on my face. Slowly, the slumber engulfs me in my memories and the blurry play of colors begin.

Everything is deja vu, a pattern severely memorized by my head. The jagged lights that seeped silently and surely past the window blinds, the shadows that danced, the smile, the daze, then the unexpected kiss that will forever light my skies

The drumming continues, and it was my heartbeat, synchronized with yours as we lay chest to chest.

The song reverberates while the scenes galloped on my hindsight. It was the boulevard and it's there where we'll have our first date. Perhaps by a coffee shop, me sipping that favorite cappuccino cup while you munch on Oreos and some strawberries we bought at a grocery store.

I remembered the regrets and our first break-up, of how I ugly-cried in front of my friends, and how I almost danced in jubilation when we kissed to patch things up. The song is a navigation, that always leads me back to how we fell in love, how I lived, died and lived again that April night.

And as the dawn comes, the plethora of emotions, stagnant by the magic of dreaming, come into reality and I wake into a world, my love emancipated.