Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Wide Awake

The spell of summer was finally broken and the illusion of scorching days on the beach were replaced by last semester's afterthoughts of what proved to be a mediocre school performance. Yes. The dreaded grades have arrived and since June is just around the bend, the Princely Pauper can't help but feel utterly panicky since he can't actually remember the last time he opened his Accounting books though he knew that there's a 5000-page catch-up he must do.

Looks like the boy got too focused on his summer revelry that he forgot that there are a million responsibilities to handle. But who can blame him honestly? Summer's the time to bury your feet on the sand and just lounge in bed even if it's already high noon. Summer's the time to just breath the breeze and let loose all the worldly worries-that's why they call it vacation, right?

But it's that moment before the new semester that's got him so tensed up. A bundle of changes will happen-new house, less Twitter, Superman at school, harder Accounting subjects; he can only pray that he's geared up for these significant life alterations. 

The summer sun has indeed worked it's magic and though he'll miss the carefree days it gave him, he must  now shoved it's sweet promise at the back of his closet and face his favorite responsibilities -_-

What he's happy though is that he's finally awake and can finally begin doing what he must. Nobody wants to be surprised by a surprise exam on the first day right?

Monday, May 14, 2012

Sandy Shores and Seas

I buried my feet on the sand while the lazy shore kissed the ocean. I watched its blackness slowly swallowing me and savored the sensation. The softness is orgasmic and the crazed me continued the afternoon excursion while the orange sun burned the blue gray skies.

I love the sea. It reminds me of freedom and danger, that life is still a vast expanse of unknown and only the brave dare see what lies beneath the waters.

The sea breeze blows my shirt while the whirling waves drench my shorts. I wanted to plunge in it's salty eternity, but health concerns forbid me.

And so I buried my feet on the sand while the lazy shore kissed the ocean. Someday soon, I'll kiss the sea too and I'll savor the sensation of its lofty waves swallowing me.

Saturday, May 5, 2012


"When artists fall in love, their work invariably suffer."
~Gossip Girl

The dire need to write is tickling the corners of my mind. But unfortunately, all I can do these days is scribble a few verses here and there without the ability to construct a decent paragraph.

The thirst to write; is a desire I can never satiate. Wish I had the decency to make sense these days.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


The Daddy is an educator; excellent in Math, humble in character. He keeps the family in tact and though appears stern, we all know he has a soft spot for his daughters and often treats them with succulent dinners made by his own fingers.

The Mommy is a secretary for a government agency. She's an extreme organizer and keeps track of the house's cleanliness. She's the classic wife but she's allergic to kitchen duties and often leaves me to the dishwashing task.

The Ate is a high school student fresh of youth and ripe of pimples. She's the house supermodel, taking credit for her beautiful face that she got from Mom and Dad. We love dressing her up with laces and chiffon and she loves exchanging them with denim and cotton. She's the family artist and she spends her free time drawing or playing the piano.

The Bunso is the family singer, belting rhythms and melodies at the utmost ease. She's my confidante,  and she's got a fat bank account.

I ,on the other hand, am the frustrated family member; the red out of the all the blues, the spotted out of all the striped. I clean, I wash, I mop, I scrub; trying to earn a spot of the family I pictured to have. And although they nest me, the color of my feathers will never be enough to make me belong. 

Deep inside, I'm small and frail; broken shards decorate me. I just wonder how I'd look like displayed alone. 
i: Matryoshka Dolls