Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I ♥ My Neighbor

I don't really remember the first time that I saw N skate, but I know that from that very moment, I knew and I realized that I have a new eye candy.

When we were younger, N was actually a bit chubby and let's just say, on the opposite side of the beauty bar but God bless hormones! He grew up to be one fine man. I'm telling you. Really F-I-N-E. He speaks fluent English (with correct grammar and punctuation pa ha-as evidenced by his facebook statuses). He's fair-skinned. He has chinito-ish eyes. He's-they're rich and he's tall enough for me. My mother, him and his mother are friends and I often wonder why I'm not part of that social circle.

One event which made me realized that I am smitten by this regularly hot neighbor was when he came to our house one afternoon. I think it was Sunday or Saturday. Anyway, he came shirtless-which you guessed it, sent shivers down my uh, spine. And guess what, he brought us fish. Turns out, his mom and dad went vacationing somewhere and they brought freshly caught fish as pasalubong. Ah, such good in-laws-err, neighbors. LOL. But honestly, it was a pretty big fish.

Aside from the many times that I saw him shirtless, another reason why I adore him is that he goes to church every Sunday-second mass. At nalaman pa talaga. Hahaha. I also heard from my mom-a VERY reliable source that he is very respectful. She narrated that N would never miss a chance to kiss her hands if they bump into each other. But of course, I'm crushing on him because of-let's not talk about that.

Anyway, crushing on a neighbor is one of the biggest sins a person can ever commit. As neighbors, we weren't supposed to be in a relationship other than being, well, neighbors.

But what are crushes anyway? Aren't these just mild attractions ranging from the normal I-find-his-body-hot to the even more complex I-want-him-now-(!) type? I mean a healthy dose of eye vitamin isn't bad, right?

Oh yeah, I'm also crushing on his cousin. Hahahah.

Yep, and there he goes. Skating shirtless. I gotta grab a telescope. BRB.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Post-Valentine Post

Tap. Tap. Tap. Goes my keyboard.

I am once again unable to convey my thoughts into words.

For days I've been trying to come up with something good enough to write about however, our exams got in the way so Valentines passed without a new entry. What's the point really? I mean, it isn't compulsory to have an entry on Valentines day.

Tap. Tap. Tap. I pressed the delete key a couple of times. Maybe I have lost the zest to write. Maybe I'm just blue that I don't have a date-I never EVER had a date on Valentine's day.

Sometimes I feel left out by the world for being single. I mean, of course I've had my share of that giant cake they call love but most of the relationships I've been in are short-lived and well, let's just say, not-that-serious.

One of my friends would ask me if I am already ready to be in a relationship again. I often laugh after hearing the question and mouth a giant YEAH. But right now, I realized that I am not.

Being single has given me the chance to be with myself again,to focus on what's important to me and yes, those are not boys. So I may have a crush here and there or every now and then, but, well. They're only crushes. Hahaha. A healthy dose of eye-candy can do you no wrong.

And as quoted from Gossip Girl, you really can candy-coat the fact that you're alone.

Tap. Tap. Tap. Regrets. I swear I'll write something better before the week ends. (fingers-crossed)

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Love is a crooked willow
that sprouts feathery branches
a trunk of jellyfish twigs
and mangrove roots.
The mountain,
the curtain of the stage.
A river of raindrops
beneath its purple shade.
A breath of zephyr; the tree,

Love is a printed flower,
a genus unknown.
Leaves of amber sheets, parchment paper.
An origami grows from aluminum stems.
Flora of the sun
grazing lazily on Mays
lures flies to its depths-
a daughter of Venus.

Love is an insect
weaving a cocoon from Chinese silk
traded for moon kisses
and azure embraces.
Polka dot wings, angels' hair.
A cup of brown sugar
enveloped in its claws.
The budding of a bird bloom,
ambrosia. The morning dew
refreshment while it hops across blossoms.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Dancing of the Drops

Raindrops danced on his face.

The wind, an endless lullaby, lured the characters to a muted waltz-gliding and tapping on the contours of his chin and cheeks, while the feeble cascaded down the valleys of his neck.

He wasn't wearing a jacket that afternoon-nobody is. It was an unexpected rain. A sudden depression of a previously sunny sky.

He, clad in the most casual clothes was drenched, heavily drenched. The thin cotton fabric of his shirt clung to his torso, revealing his chiseled features. I looked at him with fervor anticipation. Even in the grayest of weathers, he never fails to exude that certain kind of aura. Olympic. Yes. Powerful like the gods of that mighty mountain.

I remember his skin, the softness evoking blossoms in May. I remember his scent, that distinct musky scent that could only be his. I remember him in my bed, my hands caressing every inch of his being. I remember the kisses we shared. I remember blowing his horn, that magnificent horn, and how beautiful he sounded. I remember our birds soaring through the waves of ecstasy, then that little bit of heaven came and I wished it would last forever.

. . . . . . . .

Dusk has fallen. The sky, crumpled by the vivid hues of gray and black, provided for the perfect backdrop for the ending of our story. Lightning and thunder, the songs, reverberate through the ends of the boulevard.

Oh how I love him. I know I always will. But fear of the uncertain took over me. Ours was a love contradicted by the standards of society. Ours was a story ought to be untold to future generations. Our love story would've been great. But it is what it is-a "would've been". Never to be continued. Never to be repeated.

I stared at him again. This time, more intently, hoping against hope that I would find something that will make me stay.

A flash lightened the darkening sky. Then I turned around and walked away. Drops too, were dancing on my face.

Photo taken here.