Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Nightmare That Is Christmas

One thing I find absolutely horrifying during the holidays is it's ability to make me forget about the important things that I have to do-thus terrifying the panicky boy inside me now that January 3 is just a bend around the corner.

And so, after scrubbing and polishing our insanely ginormous mansion-a lie, mind you- I immediately screwed my brain cells to finally make a blog entry after days of absence. Urgh. I see you raise your eye brow. Well, to tell you the truth dear, I actually have a whole pack of loyal followers-my cousins. And mind you, they only take notice of the blog design. (*insert evil laugh) Now nobody can stop the gradual increase of my page views. (*insert evil laugh with thunder and flashes of lightning)

These fancies aside, my real concern is that raging Humanities project-LOL, I said it like it was some sort of giant wildfire. Anyway, I have to sew costumes for six nymphs and  four fairies, have to decide what eight shadow men have to wear, and I have to shop for our main cast's outfits. I now have new-found respect for wardrobe mistresses around the globe and I'm beginning to wonder why the word mistress sounds like "kabit". I mean, is it? 

Also, I'm beginning to think that running a play is a bad idea. Especially if you're an Accountancy student. And most especially if you're a student and it's your first time to do this and you only have less than three months to prepare. 

Yes, I am doomed. And I blame it all on the Christmas holiday. 

Okay fine. So not entirely. Partly (just a teeny weeny bit), it was my fault of having inhaled the holiday scent and drugging myself with it's blissful promises of relaxations and ear to ear smiles. I can only hope my worries will be left behind in the closing year. 

. . . . . . . . . .

On a lighter note, Happy New Year dear friends! I do hope you have a prosperous year next year and may your faith in Jesus Christ strengthen. End a year in prayer. Begin another one with prayer. God bless :)

Much l♥ve,


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Beyoncé - Dance For You

If he was mine, this'd be my birthday present for him.
Happy Birthday K.Wish you all the best.

Mush l♥ve,


Sunday, December 18, 2011

Turtle Tales

A certain story is told of a turtle who dreamed of flying. He always gazed with envy at the birds above him that at his utter desperation, he finally asked two sparrows to lift him up the sky so that he could, at least, know the feel of soaring in the air.

The sparrows, pitying the turtle agreed. He held on to the two birds and the sparrows, with all the strength they could muster lifted him up to the sky. The turtle was ecstatic. He's finally flying. He closed his eyes and memorized the scent of the air and the freedom of having no gravity. He was crazed of the idea of flying that he thought that if he just let go, he'd also learn how to fly. He broke free from the sparrows and ended up falling down. Back down to the lonely earth he was a part of.

. . . . . . .

With much contemplation, I realized that turtles will never learn how fly. His many flaws prevent him from doing so. His shell for example. He would've been lighter if he let it go before holding on to the sparrows. But letting go of comfort is never easy. Second, he could have attached himself to the birds more firmly by tying a rope for example. Or he could've just stayed on the ground, contented at looking at the distant birds and save himself from the hassle of flying.

It made me rethink my life. If I was the turtle, would I also risk my life for that short-lived moment of flying? Or just sit there, watching the birds do what I've always dreamed of?

Our Cat Died

and we are all in grief. Poingk Poingk has become a part of the family and his untimely death shocked all of us. I am in sorrow. We all are.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Dark Side of the Moon

For the blanket of shadows was not enough to hide your unraveled beauty. 
Great is indeed the Lord who fashioned you.

For the very first
lunar eclipse I witnessed

Monday, December 5, 2011

N's Dog Bit Me

That Saturday afternoon, N's dog bit me. It was painful and I'm especially concerned that my flawless legs would now be imperfect because of four red dots just above the back of my knee. And rabies. Yeah, that one too.

It was striking, really, how one thinks of death and his last days on this planet. Of broken dreams and ambitions never to be fulfilled. Of love lost. Of love, never to be found. Of life, short and fragile, like the cookies I like to crumble on top my favorite cup of coffee. And of how I'll miss my mom and that cup of coffee. Of how little in life I've achieved.

It came to a point that I questioned myself if I had lead a good Christian life and how I'll end up in the next  world. It was painful, and the brick wall I arranged around me collapsed then and there. I realized that life is short and painful. One moment you may wonder about that Advanced Accounting exam and the next moment, you may be sitting on your couch, the same one that morning and contemplate at how different everything is and regret the many regrets you've had-like not leaving the house.

I wouldn't have forgiven N if he wouldn't kiss me-and pay my medical bills and stuff. Too bad the dog is vaccinated. Tsk. That would've been the chance.


Four days ago I celebrated my first year in the blogosphere. It seems that it was only yesterday when I first ogled with envy at Citybuoy's fat stock of followers and literary achievements. I most especially admired the red template (not that I hate your present template Nyl) and the way he weaves words which ultimately encouraged me to start again, and create another blog.

My previous, Mr. Armadillo's Paperthoughts and Pencilmarks, was unfortunately unable to host my many interests. It became a journal, confined to the precepts of it's own title. That's why I created this blog with the title "iamrei" because the many interests and mind blabberings that I have are a culmination my own distinct personality.

Thank you so much to Key for being the very first to comment and to Citybuoy, who ironically, was the first follower. To my 36 lovely followers, thank you so much for adding smiles on my face. You can't really imagine how excited I get when your number increases.To everyone who has commented and read my entries, thank you for being part of this awesome adventure.

I had a great first year, I hope my next years will be better.

Much l♥ve,


Thursday, December 1, 2011

Vintage Vibes

Zooey on 500 Days of Summer starring opposite Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Zooey Deschanel's band, She & Him has awakened my interests for indie feel good music. Their songs are, I think, interesting and their unusual vintage flavor is utterly refreshing from today's mainstream hits.

The American indie pop duo began when Deschanel met Matt Ward on the set of the film The Go-Getter where they were asked by the director to sing a duet together to be played at the end credits of the film. The bond ultimately sparked and the two collaborated thereon to form their first ever album, Volume One (released on March 2008) with Zooey on vocals, piano and ukelele and Matt on the guitars and production.
With the success of their first, the duo released their second album, Volume Two, on March 2010 and the third, A Very She and Him Christmas, on October 24, 2011.

Catch Zooey on New Girl, every Friday night at ETC.

She & Him's vintage indie genre is eminent in Zooey's wardrobe. Key pieces include colored cardigans,lace tights, comfy flats, flouncy skirts and that quirky smile she's known for. With the 1950's swinging it's way back on the runways, Zooey and She & Him might just be the new fashion and music icons.

. . . . . . . . . .
Happy Anniversary to my blog ♥