Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Never Giving Up

Yesterday was a hodgepodge  of emotions and phases: disappointment, because my interview didn't turn out well; frustration and self-doubt, because it's been six months and I still don't have a job; longing, because I'm missing someone and I can't do anything about it; concern, because I have bad posture and I'm straining my neck; bloated, because I overeat when I'm depressed; depressed, because I overate; and confused, because I don't know what to do. Fate has continually turned down all my plans and once again, the idealism that school has imbibed me with, is chipping away. Life is indeed harder outside the four walls of the classroom. 

I am happy though that despite all this darkness, a faint glimmer of hope still flickers in the distance. Maybe it's the possibility of going back to school. Or the little encouragements that my family is giving me. One thing I'm sure though is that as long as my faith burns fervently for that one sweet tomorrow, I will never stop believing that things will get better in the long run. I just have to persist and be patient. That golden opportunity is just around the corner.


  1. Six months is quite long. We share the same feeling months ago when I was still a tambay. But I know God has a plan for you. You might not feel it now but soon, it will all make sense. I-enjoy mo lang ang time mo ngayon kasi hahanap hanapin mo rin ang rest pag sobrang exhausted ka na sa work. And I say, balik ka sa school. I am also planning and praying na sana next school year, God-willing, makakapag-aral ako ulet. :) aja Rei!

    1. Same. I know God's timing is perfect. This is just a long test of patience and perseverance that I have to endure. And I'm surprisingly enjoying all this free time to be honest. Thank you. If things don't turn out well until October, I'm probably gonna enroll for some classes next semester.