Monday, September 15, 2014

Dear Maria*

It is unfortunate that you live in a generation where documenting the food you eat and the movies you watch are more relevant than the things you learn in school; where there is a collective hate for the mathematics and the sciences; where reality shows thrive like wide fire; and where copying and pasting seem to be the norm. It is unfortunate, that's why I'm challenging you to not drift with this current.

I challenge you to document the books you read. Not to show off, but to keep track of how long you've gone in the road to literary enlightenment. Read not to know a story, but to enjoy how a story is told. Learn to savor words and examine characters that are as rich and fabled and complex as yourself.

Choose the films that you watch. Do not be blinded by special effects and computer graphics. Watch films with great stories to tell. Indulge in arts and culture. Get lost in literature. Keep a journal and write poetry. Stimulate your brain. Feed your brain.

Do not hate algebra Maria, as many have in the grueling road of education. Norwegian Wood (I hope you read this by now) teaches us that sometimes the real point of subjects is not concrete application, but rather, training in systematic thinking. Algebra is the bible of problem solving. Don't ever forget that.

Maria, nourish your faith. Because faith plays a great role in the paths that you will later choose in life. It dictates the kind of values that you will treasure, and the kind of vices that you should never entertain. Therefore, pray. Live upright. Honor God. Faith will teach you how.

You're a smart girl Maria. I know well that you can do great things in the future.

Love, Kuya (September 2014)
*Maria is my cousin. She'll celebrate her eleventh month on the 19th.


  1. every generation has its advantages and disadvantages. Lucky for us, naabutan pa natin ang pagbabasa ng actual books, at ang kung anu ano pa before the smart phone era. I agree, never forget to stick to the basics. Thats why i always go back to the traditional way of doing things like actual writing on a journal from time to time, actual painting rather than digital art, reading books, etc. nothing beats the classic.

    by the way, i love this post, i wanna write something inspired by this. thanks.

    1. You're right. Nothing beats the classic way of doing things. They were the foundations of the contemporary. I hope future generations won't forget that.

      Thank you Sir. It certainly is an honor to inspire people - especially somebody of your caliber. You're welcome!

  2. ''the real point of subjects is not concrete application, but rather, training in systematic thinking.''
    a very intelligent observation:). isn't it actually the whole point of education...

    1. Thank you for the compliment. The real hero however is Haruki Murakami. I was merely a broadcasting what I read in Norwegian Wood :)