Sunday, September 14, 2014

Berlin in 2023

Berlin Cathedral (Berliner Dom)*

I realize that I should now start preparing for my grand Berlin vacation when I turn 30. The German capital, after all, is an expensive city and considering my current status, it is important that I first make myself financially stable to ensure that my "Berlin in 2023" experience will push through.

1. Prepare passport and visa.

2. Learn to speak German. Because duh.

3. Know the country's climate. If the visit happens to be in winter, prepare for the cold weather. Buy coats, boots, gloves, and a hot boytoy (if boyfriend is unavailable) to keep you warm.

4. Prepare itinerary. Know the best dining, shopping and lounging spots. Never miss a museum experience!

5. Learn self-defense. You'll never know if you might need to compete for a nice Jil Sander bag.

6. Buy a camera. Something with large memory space. Because you can't brag about things without proof.

7. Money. Have lots of money. Be sure that you can afford to stay in Berlin after nine grueling years of hardwork. You don't wanna spend your entire life savings on a three-day vacation. But if you've already won the lottery by then, by all means spend.


  1. Its nice to know you have a solid goal. Keep it up. I can only wish My goal was that specific when i was your age. :-)

    1. It's never too late to set new goals and reach them Sir. Hehe. Thank you. I hope we all get to achieve our life dreams :)

  2. Go for the GoPro camera. Yay. ��
    Why Berlin though, I wonder? I know it's a beautiful city but there are others. So what made you choose Berlin? ��

    1. Thank you for the suggestion! :D I'm no tech geek so I need all the help I can get.

      Uhm, I'm probably gonna credit all the DW features and documentaries I watch. And besides, why not Berlin? I mean, it's picturesque. And the city's history and art culture is so rich it makes you just wanna pack your bags and see things real close (for me, at least).

  3. 2023? That would be nine years from now. :D (I really counted it with my fingers. lol) Since when have you been planning to go to Berlin? And when you get to be very rich (soon), what would be your next destination?

    1. I've been contemplating a European tour for as long as I could remember but Berlin really stood out after all the DW features and documentaries I watched. I'm thinking of making it the first European city I'll visit. My next destination would probably be the Mediterranean and then Spain.