Friday, September 26, 2014

A Game of Yes or No

1. Do you document your entire life on social media including every single meal you had, every single thing you do, and every single emotion you feel? Are you sure that you're merely expressing yourself and not begging for attention? 
2. Do you equate popularity and social relevance with the number of likes you get and the number of followers or friends you have? 
3. Do you 'Google before you post'? Do you view both sides of the coin before commenting on any social issue? 
4. Do you consider landing a spot on Philippine (or worldwide) trends as an actual achievement?  
5. Do you call people who criticize you 'haters'? 
6. Are you a pretentious slob who follows trends to look and feel cool?

Now is the perfect time to reassess your social media standing. Evaluate whether you share too much information. Weigh your pursuits. Are they socially relevant? Are your opinions informed? Question yourself if you've already considered getting likes as an alternative to real life interactions. Understand the reality that life is happening outside the four corners of your screen and that the universe is practically begging you to cooperate.

Never miss a chance of self-improvement. Whether on social media or real life, remember that it is not merely 'being ourselves' that matter; it is 'being better versions of ourselves' that count.


  1. as for me, i write mainly because i want to chronicle my experiences, so that when i am 60 years old and my hair is gone, i could tell myself, 'damn, i couldn't believe i've done that when i was younger'

    1. I love chronicling life. I write because of the very same reason. This post however was more of a rant against people who have become crazily dependent on social media.

  2. Boom. This is why I barely use facebook it gets soo annoying to see the same people brag about how great their life is

    1. Or how 'sad' and 'worthless' their life is. Lol.