Monday, September 22, 2014


Facebook has plenty of ways to platform narcissism but I must say, this does take vanity to a whole new level. Here's a list of twenty random facts about me.
1. I like words that begin with the letter C (e.g. cake, chocolate, cookie, carrot, cucumber, cashew, croissants, etc.)
2. My favorite color is salmon.
3. I use red ink whenever I write on my journals. I feel like I'd jinx an entire year if I use another color.
4. I have unibrows. Though they're not that obvious.
5. My dream travel destination is Berlin. But I've always wanted to travel to the Mediterranean too.
6. I don't normally get excited with new movies because I like old films better (but that doesn't mean that I don't like new movies okay?). 'My Fair Lady (1964)' and 'Moonrise Kingdom(2012)' are my favorites.
7. My favorite book is Haruki Murakami's 1Q84.
8. I like algebra.
9. I can't live without coffee.
10. I can't draw horses.
11. I'm only 5'4 and 1/2" and that's sad.
12. I could eat lumpia and chopsuey all day.
13. My favorite book in the Bible is James. And my favorite verse is Psalm 118:14.
14. I love Lanvin and Prada. Alber is a poet. Muccia is a goddess.
15. Of all the chess games we played, I've only beaten my thirteen-year-old cousin twice.
16. Frustrated writer.
17. I was born at dawn (5:00AM).
18. I'm such a fraidy cat. You know I like you if I'd agree to watch scary movies with you.
19. I'm bashful. I don't normally talk to people I don't know unless they talk to me first.
20. I will never be part of a rock band because I have zero music skills. 


  1. I think this is a sign that I should post my version of #20factsaboutme. :D I have been contemplating on making a post like this for days now. hihi *^_^*

  2. And so I am now delighted for the Follow. Thank you Rei, exceedingly. I haven't had one of those for some time now.

    1. You're welcome Sir. Someone who writes as amusingly as you needs to be widely read :)

  3. I remember i used to write in red pen on my journal only because i cant afford to buy a new color. At least we had something in common there. Hahahah

    1. Well that's a relief. At least I'm not the only weird person I know. Haha.