Friday, August 8, 2014

The Princess and The Prince

Chapter Two: The Princess and The Prince

News of the Princess' fate spread like wildfire across the land. Enemy states chuckled at the kingdom's conundrum, while the friendly ones sent for help. One such help came in the form of a Prince from a faraway land called Arabia.

"Your Majesty," the Prince said to the Princess. "I have come to win your heart and make you smile again. 'A thing of beauty is a joy forever' is it not? The beauty that I have will shine upon you everyday and your days will be as pretty as daffodils."

Truth be told, the Prince was indeed a handsome lad and the ladies of the kingdom giggled at his might. His flaxen hair were of golden shade, like rays of sunshine were trapped in his follicles to bring warmth to any lady present. His skin was brown as chocolate and his suit and armor were of the finest silk and silver.

The Princess however had no opinion of him. She neither gasped at his armor or the golden of his hair, nor flinched an inch at the Prince's proposal. A week filled with wooing quickly rolled by but the Prince's efforts were not reciprocated. The Princess simply did not acknowledge the existence of the handsome Prince.

On the eighth day, the Princess finally broke the ice. "You cannot win me because I am not a trophy. Beauty is not eternal and when it fades, what will happen to the happiness that you offer?" The Prince was speechless and was later dismissed. He returned home; his heart burdened with defeat.

That night, the Princess dreamed again. In her dreams, she was a dandelion dancing in the breeze. The sky was salmon and the western sun glowed softly on the horizon. The early stars shimmered softly against the milky twilight. Robins and dears were abound. And there were certainly no self-conceited princes from faraway lands.

That night the King and Queen's flicker of hope shone thinner and farther. And that very same night, the princess once again smiled in her sleep.

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