Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Knight

Chapter Three: The Knight

Three days after the handsome Prince's journey home, a Knight came to the kingdom. He was a weathered man and his face carried the air of battle. His eyes have seen the carcass of war, the grief it gave to women and children, and the desolation it casts to men who fought the battles. He had seen so much, yet he understood the necessity of war. Sacrifices have to be made to show superiority. Rebels must be tamed and enemy states must learn to bow down to the alphas. This greater good though, requires power. A mere knight can only follow the orders of a king.

And so he has come to become king. A feat smaller in scale compared to the grander scheme he and the Soothsayer have devised. The Knight is a man who believed in witchcraft and magic, and he understood the necessity of employing the dark arts to serve as advantage to the games he's undertaking. The Soothsayer therefore, was one indispensable man in his quest for greatness.

The Princess, the Soothsayer has said, had a special gift that enabled her to create worlds with her mind. It is that gift that he's planning to utilize.  How? He does not know. But he understood that sacrifices must be made: for the greater good; for the flourishing of civilization; for the proper taxonomy of human society.

"Greetings your Majesty."

The Knight smiled. The game has begun. 

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