Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Flower Crowns and Frustrations

The past few days passed seamlessly without interruption. Television. Internet. And a whole lot of blogs and music to keep me company. The downside is that I'm getting more and more frustrated over the sameness of my everyday. Unemployment, the mundane and the everyday financial issues I encounter are enough to make  this head explode into bowls of cereal. 

One highlight last weekend though was a DIY-ed flower crown I crafted using gypsophilia and some white blossom that I don't know what to call. It was a beautiful affair really. And the wilting petals added a sense of depression, desolation and dryness that weaved perfectly well with the depression, desolation and dryness that I was going through. The light on the matter was that I was able to vent my dark thoughts into something creative which is probably the healthier option compared to slitting wrists and suicide - both of which I'm currently not entertaining (and in the future, hopefully).

Frustrations really can take the better off people but the good news is that venting these thoughts healthily is something that can be learned if the person is truly willing. Sometimes, all you really need is a deep breath and a whiz of creativity.

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