Friday, August 1, 2014

August Goals

A fresh new month unfolds today and I'm hoping that this new month also unfolds a new chapter in my already mediocre and sedentary existence. One, I'm praying that fate will finally smile at me and officially hand me employment. I'm tired of my Mom blabbering about my lack of financial contribution in our household. Seriously.

Also, I'm seeing August as the start of a workout spell. I'm planning to finally do push-ups and pull-ups, but of course with my current health status, I believe I should first see my doctor to recommend appropriate exercises for me. I'm know I'm not getting any younger and the older I get, the harder it's gonna be to burn all this fat away.

I also need to pump up my motivation. And slap myself with self-discipline. And kill the laziness away. Otherwise I'm gonna be a fat slob couch potato -something I don't wanna be.


  1. Awh August :) My favorite month of the year next to December ofcourse :)

    1. I don't particularly have a favorite month tbh. But August is a nice name for a month. I mean, it has a nice ring to it.