Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Practicality and Passion

The problem is that I am a terrible case of mismatch. I am an Accountancy graduate yet my life passions seem to gravitate not towards accounting, taxation and finance, but towards the creative arts - fashion design and illustration, reading literature (and writing, I hope), music and the uncanny savvy for anything artistic. Basically, what's inside me is a raging battle between practicality and passion, two major galaxies that are bound to converge, bump, and probably, supernova into each other as my life continues.

One life goal though is to get a regular nine-to-five job at an accounting firm, have a fashion design business on the side that I can entertain at night and on weekends, and hopefully, a weekly column on a newspaper (or monthly, if we're talking magazines).

I just hope my future self gets to balance these two swirling galaxies though and hopefully, upon reading this five or ten years from now, laugh at the silly fuzz I made over these matters.


  1. never forget to satisfy your hunger for passion. it will pay off. trust me.

    1. I hope I do Sir. I'm not the type who gives up my passions.