Monday, June 30, 2014

Three Months After

Mom's pressuring me to have a job and I can't blame her. Three months after graduation, my status inside this house is slowly gravitating towards 'parasite' and the extra bills they have to pay for my electric consumption is not helping.

Truth is, I'm trying very hard. I've been sending application letters everywhere and I've done the best that I can to make my resume creative and memorable. It seems though that my efforts are lackluster and over the weeks, I am considering the reality that maybe my timing is not right. The last few weeks of May is probably not hiring season and the companies simply cannot afford to hire someone off-season and somebody who's practically a greenhorn in the banking industry.

I have no choice though but to keep pushing. Pessimism will do me no good and besides, I still haven't tried applying for government agencies, lending corporations and call centers. I guess I'm just gonna have to push my luck and see where it leads me.

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