Saturday, May 17, 2014

Tame the Bird

Twitter is killing my capacity-or what's left of my capacity- to construct cohesive paragraphs. It encourages me to multithink and multitask that even if I'm actually writing this right now, I'm also thinking about starched white shirts draped on clotheslines against a backdrop of a cerulean sky. Or maybe grey. And flower crowns that women wear and worthless thingamajigs.

The point is, I'm trying so hard so whip a decent literary confection right now but all I can do are mostly short phrases, like cupcakes or macaroons, which I hope are edible enough. And now tables of baked brownies and polvoron are floating overhead.

Maybe I'm just hungry. And this black hole of a stomach is sucking all the juices I have that enables me to write anything.

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