Saturday, May 10, 2014

Summer Anthems

Still waiting for this though.

Recently, The 1975 has casts spells of wild indie pop/rock abandon to my being. Girls and Robbers are playlist mainstays but the most recent replay rapist was most definitely Settle Down with it's undying upbeat inclinations. It's one of those songs that just makes you just wanna grab a bottle of beer (even if you don't normally drink on weekdays) and light cigarettes (even if you don't really smoke), while you're silently nodding your head to the endless loop of awesome.

Another spellcaster was Pharrell William's Come Get it Bae (UNQLO's campaign ost). Pharrell's falsettos on his new album, G I R L were orgasmic with most of the songs gravitating towards the predecessors Happy and Marilyn Monroe. Paloma Faith's A Perfect Contradiction is also another mainstay on my summer playlist. Can't Rely On You (written by Pharrell) easily became my favorite song on the album.

Lana del Rey's West Coast (from her upcoming album Ultraviolence) however won the crown for most replays. The siren's lullaby is perfect for a moody solo beach adventure while you're showing off your nonexistent tattoos and beautifully emoting while the waves of the sea submerge you to a deep abyss of contemplation.

And of course, any playlist will never be complete without a Beyonce song on the loop. The only difference is that it's a 2003 track titled Baby Boy that adds shimmies to my already awkward dance moves.

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