Wednesday, May 14, 2014

On Death, Again

Death is a consequence of mortality and every second is a slow dance towards decomposition. As my law teacher has put it, "death is not news" (for which later he added that "not dying is"). Death is the completion of one's life cycle. To die, therefore, is not an issue after all.

However, human as we are, we are scared of death, or of what happens after death. We're scared of missing out on things; not being able to read the books you've always wanted to spend forever with, not being able to star gaze on dark, cloudless nights, not seeing the laughter of children, or particularly your baby cousin that you love so much. We're scared of parting. Of saying goodbye to people, habits and experiences. Of assigning to oblivion the things you've always wanted to tell someone but never had the chance to.

Death is an everyday reality. Life is a slow dance towards that reality. Therefore dance with as much grace as you can. Extend your limbs. Improve your posture. Commit to memory the choreography that you're set to do. And most of all, make that ending spectacular.

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