Thursday, May 1, 2014

Dear Nanay Deb

Rest in peace. May eternal slumber alleviate you from the pains of battling breast cancer and its many complications. Seeing you cry and wail in agony as the silent tentacles of cancer envelope your body was too painful that your recent state is, pardon the term, a relief for most of us. We love you Nanay. And we hate seeing you suffer.

We love you.

Never forget that. In the same way that we will never forget you. Your consistent reminders for us to get our acts straight; to eat vegetables; to uphold what is true and just; and to keep the family together, will always be with us.

It was a good life Nanay. That's one good reason for all of us to smile.

Yours truly,

The people who love you.


  1. Just blogging walking and I happened to stumble in your blog from Engineer Josh's. Anyway, my condolences.

  2. Very sweet and sad! My condolences.