Saturday, May 24, 2014

Beauty and Cat Thoughts

Of all the movies that Disney has spilled all over the quantumverse, the 1959 classic Sleeping Beauty is my utmost favorite. Mostly because the protagonist's name, Aurora, means dawn and I was birthed at 5AM which basically gives me unconditional rights to parallel myself to this fairytale and assume that I am also a beauty that horned witches will curse for and valiant princes will die for. And also, because it teaches us the valuable lesson that sleep is very important because you just might, just might, be kissed and roused by a handsome prince you just met yesterday.

* * * * *

In other news, I want a cat and I shall call it Moccasin. And it should be orange. Golden orange. Like flakes of sunshine trapped in its hair. It should have an unquenchable craving for milk which would explain the softness of its fur, the deep emerald of its eyes and its subtle meows. It should have soft paws and an uncanny savvy for purple yarn.