Friday, April 11, 2014

The Name Game

For quite a while now, I've been thinking of the universe and it's spectrum of theories and magic. Nothing scientific really. But just pure, solid and sordid thinking that just spurts out of this addled brain in between day to day engagements. To put it simply, I am speculating.

Not that I am claiming the absolute for all of this; I'm hardly hypothesizing because there are no hard core facts in hand - nor do I want to venture in gathering such evidence for these claims too. It's just that recently, I am having a hard time remembering names.

Names have always been forgettable to me especially those of the characters in the films and series that I watch, or the constellation of ebooks I currently have at my disposal. I remember the characters, the Hitchcock blonde that got murdered while she was showering, or that guy who lost his wife and spends time on the bottom of a dry well to fix his marriage and find his wife, or that Audrey Hepburn incarnation that goes on a Roman holiday, or that Sputnik Sweetheart girl, but I completely forget their names. Like names to me are nothing but factors of social significance for the characters in the things I immerse in and have as much relevance as, maybe a dodo-patterned wallpaper on a historical novel about African tribes (?). Get my gist?

Well imagine that and apply that to real people in my life outside these cyber spaces. Imagine talking to the girl who's been forever taking care of your Nanay's house and completely forgetting what her name is. Imagine talking to your classmate and having a hard time conjuring who she actually is. It's a tip-of-the-tongue phenomena. Which boils down to my theory that maybe the universe inflicts a karma-induced form of individually torturing people (well not physically, but mentally). Or maybe not karma-induced but claim-induced. That once you claim it, you own it?

Nymphomania. Insomnia. Depression. That slight twitching of your right eye that just won't stop.  Arachnophobia. Forgetfulness. And a lot of -nias, -sions and -phobias.

But of course I may be talking about something that is of little relevance. I do remember names of people that I am very close to and there are certain protagonists and antagonists that I will never, ever forget. Holly Golightly. Sabrina. Percy Jackson. Aomame and Tengo. Erza, Natsu and the gang. Ted. Barney. Finn and Jake.

And to quote that long-haired guy from The Hobbit: "It's his excessive consumption of mushrooms that has addled his brain and yellowed his teeth." But in my case, it's not edible fungi. It's coffee. Or seem some evil universal manifestation of that.

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