Tuesday, March 4, 2014

When March Sinks In

It didn't really sink in that it was already March until this morning. It happened like this. In between cheap coffee, doughnuts and a view of construction workers and basketball players. Yes. You knew that it was March and it was your cousin's birthday yesterday. But yesterday didn't feel like March. Neither did Sunday nor Saturday when the first kick of your mock board examinations began.

It happened like this while you were sitting, looking at the glistening sweat of varsity players. While you were drinking caffeine and Bavarian concoctions. While you were just looking. The realization hit. Like lightning. Like how it would when you'll get accidentally hit by a bus. Like that one time you got hit by a bicycle. Straight in the face. You know it was coming but you didn't run away or panicked. 

It happened like this. You absentmindedly accepted March because there's nothing you can do about it really even if you don't feel like having March yet. Like birthdays when you absentmindedly accept that additional year because there's nothing you can do it about it really even if you don't feel like having another year yet.

And yet things happen. And you must accept this. Even if you don't feel like wanting things to happen.

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