Friday, February 21, 2014

Waiting for Lunch

57 Birds And One Owl.

I've been doing lunch alone for too long that I think I've gotten so used to it. It's funny how anonymous you can get in a sea of laughter; how significant minute details are, like how the rays of sunlight peep through the glass panels. or her obviously salon-manufactured hair, or that cute waiter; and how long the wait is for your seemingly simple order to arrive. Time stretches to infinity when you're alone and waiting and ravenously hungry.


  1. kagaya mo, wala ring problema sa akin ang kumain nang mag-isa sa labas. madalas ko rin itong ginagawa at tama ka, nakakaaliw ang mag-people watch. :)

    1. Yes. I think pwede na nga akong maging professional people watcher. Haha. Chot.