Monday, February 17, 2014

Kastilyong Buhangin

Recently, the realization that I positively can't go to a formal review school has been more and more profound. My Mom obviously can't afford it. And since my Dad has a medical condition to consider, and my Uncle has a baby to take care of, there's nobody I can depend on for financial support.

To be honest, even if I don't really see myself in the accounting profession, the fact that I cannot formally review is a huge blow to my ego. The purpose of enrolling in BS in Accountancy is to eventually add the covet-able extra three letters. And because of the current circumstances, I probably never will be a CPA because I cannot, and will not, take the board exams without a formal review. I do not trust myself.

A recent conversation with my OJT boss uncovered these bottled thoughts. He suggested seeking employment and studying/reviewing at the same time. I considered this. I have no problems juggling school and work anyway. But the conundrum is that my Mom is against the idea of me working somewhere off the island. Now I'm torn between giving myself a chance to build a better future verses being the good son that I am. My Mom is the only one that I have and I'm the only one she has. I don't want her to be lonely.

In conclusion, my CPA dreams are like sand castles getting washed by the fierce waves of poverty and circumstance-in the immortal words of that OPM hit, 'gumuhong kastilyong buhanging'. Hashtag heartbreak. Really. I hope this isn't the end yet.


  1. Sounds tough. No easy answer to that one bud. What do you want?

    1. There's this huge empty well inside me that can only be filled if I review and pass that board exam.