Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Recently the dire need to become a Certified Public Accountant has rubbed off its magic. Surely, the desire is still within me: propelling me to do audit activities at school and accounting related activities at work and making me still want to go to school despite the gore and bloodiness of accounting; but the more and more I do all these things, the more that I do not see myself working in this field.

A contributing factor would probably have to be the degree of accreditation that one must get to be an auditor. Even if you are a CPA, you can't really just accept audit engagements and express opinions on financial statements unless you are authorized by the SEC (or the PRC or whichever authorizing body). Accreditation takes time and I fear that I do not have enough devotion for the course to spend half of a lifetime for these things.

The epiphany is of course, very late, knowing that I'm expected to graduate this March. But anyway, I'm still quite unsure of things. This is what I think. As of right now. Who knows if this will change?

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