Friday, July 26, 2013


Imagine fireworks. You're looking at them for the very first time and the sparkles that made the stars look like boring entities continually amazed you as they transcend down the earth. Imagine daydreaming of fireworks after seeing them for the very first time, hoping against hope that the opportunity to watch the glittering lights cover your universe again.

Imagine me, kissing you for the very first time and the imaginary sparks that filled my earth when your lips touched mine. Imagine me, daydreaming of that kiss, feeling your lips in my wakefulness and hoping against hope that the universe conspire to let me kiss you once again.

Now imagine my mornings.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Post No. 256

Gray and beige never looked more beautiful than how you put them together yesterday. But the admiration is so much more than the physique, it's the genuine, crisp happiness I feel when I look at you, wrap you in my arms and stuff-that quiet glow of contentment. I guess I just love you, genuinely.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

"Chair" Potato-ing

This sickly spell of unproductive-ness is killing me and today is one of those days when the infection is incredibly lethal. I have a major quiz in 26 hours and the prelim season starts this Thursday yet here I am, couch potato-ing (or chair potato-ing-I'm sitting on a chair, not a couch). But anyway, this word vomit is a welcomed deviance to my usual days of facing accountipedia (accounting plus encyclopedia, of some sort).

Urgh. I just miss blogging and my hipster music days. But there's none much I can do but wallow away to the boring world of calculators and ledgers and operating cycles and stuff. If only there's a way to pause time and blog in between exams.