Sunday, December 15, 2013

Ruminations on Faith

After much deliberation, I realized that I do not hate God. I mean, seriously, the karma that will backfire at you for hating the supremo of the universe is unbearable so the thought of brewing thoughts against Him is something that I've trained myself to not do. Yes, I question God about the whys and hows of stuff that I'm going through but always with the confidence that He will answer me in the right time; in sweet, unknowing and unexpected ways.

Right now though, with the current health issues I'm battling, I think God is humbling me; that I am not invincible, that everything I do has a corresponding circumstance in the future, that I am nothing without Him. Maybe it took a considerable amount of contemplation before I realized these things, or maybe I've already had these thoughts and my current health status simply exponentialized everything.

But nonetheless, I am still grateful. For one, condition A is not life-threatening and a surgery is not necessary-for the moment, at least. And two, although condition B may develop into something serious (considering my family health history) I am grateful that I have a chance to maybe change things in the future by opting for a healthier lifestyle.

Right now though, my greatest weapon is in prayer; I'll put my trust in Him and just let Him do His magic.