Friday, December 27, 2013


1. Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself. It is something you owe yourself.
2. Patience has its own reward. The good things in life take time to unfold.
3. There's more to life than love. But really, more like, 'there's more to life than love from someone special'. Love is manifested in all facets of existence. Friends, relatives, pets-these exhibit love. There's no need for an intimate relationship to make yourself happy.
4. Be inspired. Make your dreams come true.
5. Work hard. Because really, inspiration is just imagination if you won't get up and make things happen.
6. Get used to being alone. Do not depend too much on anybody.
7. Take care of your health. You only have one body. Unless you have a clone or a doppelganger. Exercise. Eat healthy. Be healthy.
8. There's still too much to read. Get going and flip those pages.
8. 'Develop your faith dimension.' Because your faith is your ticket to salvation.
9. You have options. Carefully weigh alternatives before jumping in on any bandwagon. There are no turning backs in life, only forward gears.
Of course, I cannot claim the absolute from all of this. Some are mainly generalizations, mantras I've formulated for myself as I sailed my stormy 2013. I can claim though that I will carry these lessons as I transverse my following years in this planet.

Ikaw? What are your lessons this year?


  1. probably that being a relationship is no excuse to stop taking care of ourselves and expecting the other person to take care of us.

    1. Whew. That's a heavy realization. Thanks for sharing Earl :]

  2. Lessons are meant to be taught in school I always say. Well that was until I grew up and started working. Tengene lang na buhay sobrang daming lessons hahaha

    Interesting post. Stay the course. Have a goal. Reach it. Achieve it.

    Happy New Year!!!


    1. Thanks for that. Happy New Year too Jeki. Welcome to my blog :]

  3. Wonderful realizations! To a fruitful 2014! Manigong Bagong Taon, Rei!

    1. Happy new year Nyl :D May you have a fruitful 2014 too :)