Thursday, June 13, 2013

Mid-Week Update Of Some Sort

I've been living under a fortress these early days of school and my social networking life is a pale ghost that I've shoved in the back of my head only to be resurrected on holidays, weekends and home trips like these. To be honest, living life outside these spaces is a lot more exciting and interesting, that is, minus the sweaty conundrums of living under the sun.

But the pale ghost of a beloved blog to maintain is always a struggle to send away. So here I am. Again. Writing in subversive and placid tones in all shades of gray imaginable. I am happy though that I get to express my thoughts here, or on my journal, since Accounting is a vocation that tends to suppress thoughts of   happiness and golden sunshine. I am inspired to study though and the conviction that I need to propel me towards my goal of becoming a CPA has finally arrived when my cousin passed the board examination last May.

Motivation. Direction. Conviction. A lot of work and a bit of confusion. Leggo, to infinity and beyond!


  1. it's good to have an outlet. blogging definitely helps. ;)

  2. and school's starting again! should help keep your mind off of things.

    1. It keeps my mind off of thing too much. Hahaha.