Wednesday, May 29, 2013


I have this feeling that I want to transition to another journal. I just don't feel safe writing here anymore, especially since somebody I know has actually read this. Normally, I'm a very secretive person and I feel a strain, an invasion of privacy, now that somebody has read my thoughts and (maybe) regularly reads my blog. It's scary to open up to people and expose all this carcass and be left doubting whether they'd be okay with stuff or not. Maybe I just want my private space to stay private. And maybe I'm scared about what they'd see..


  1. only share what you are willing to share and keep the rest to yourself :)

    well at least that's what I do, it may look like I share everything but that's totally not the case

    1. True. What we present are mere fragments of the totality :] Maybe I'm just afraid that people will misinterpret what I say.