Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Sheer, Utter Randomness

Transitioning from blue pen to black and now to pencil, yet the dire drive to weave words out of brain farts is certainly still a struggle. I tried to brainstorm and web ideas but I guess trying is fruitless when your definition of try is think.

Mostly I'm in space these days contemplating on how to make rainbow colored coke or rainbow colored mushrooms in canned coke containers (I have a fascination with c-words, sorry) and I guess my most productive activity these days are my daily house chores.

I'm not complaining. I mean, a clean house is a clean house, and a little break from all this couch-potato-ing is refreshing. It's just that I wish that there was something else I was doing. Like a vacation to the moon or something.

But yeah. A summer vacation ain't a summer vacation without a little boredom to sprinkle on top, eh?

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