Friday, April 5, 2013

Sand and Sun

Sandy feet and sun-kissed skin. I guess my summer began with the right amount of dipping and tanning. These thoughts and more as I sit here, at home, reminiscing yesterday's fun overload (read: pizza and ice cream ♥)  on top of me bearing the pains of sun-burnt skin.

To be honest, I crave for the sea: I love the breeze, the azure infinity that stretches across the horizon, the endless sun that glimmers, the baked sand that filters in your feet and simply the thought of how the sea connotes summer fun and summer escapades.

It was a wonder though why I opted for the pool instead of the beach. Chronic bipolar-ism? Or maybe I really am impulsive. And to think I've never bathed at sea for more than a year now. Hmm. Curiouser and curiouser.


  1. Convenience maybe. But I love how your mind wandered close to shore when you were, in fact, in some swimming pool resort in - say - Laguna? Lol.

    1. Actually it was a personal debate between me beach-ing or pool-ing at a resort that has a beach and a pool. Hehe. And no, not in Laguna. But somewhere here in Mindanao :D