Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Awkward Thoughts And Denim

Okay. This is me trying.

There's always that state of embarrassment that we always get transfixed in and for the past week, that sordid solemn phase has made me spurt brain juice-the golden ichor that sustains my daily seizures (RIP precious brain cells). You see, choosing outfits in between balancing a feasibility oral defense, a recognition day on the Sunday plus a school affair on a Saturday has pounded half-a-pound of thoughts on my already pounded-sleepless head. I simply cannot choose between the over-worn beige short and the super-worn nautical-ish cropped pantaloons. Which goes with Saturday? And what's nice to wear on Sunday? And that's not even mentioning what I'm gonna wear on the oral defense!

And indeed, it was a disaster in the making. I look like a checked purple table when I wore my checked-purple-table-ish buttoned shirt on our oral defense, was super under-dressed on Saturday (I wasn't naked, promise) and was super duper overdressed on Sunday. Stark, dazed and utterly confused. I guess one should always, always, always know the nature and the dress code of any event before crashing into anything just yet.

Oh well. I guess the brain closet for forever embarrassments has room for more. On a positive note though, my denim vest is dope and I'm already formulating summer incarnations for it. Bwahaha. K.

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