Sunday, February 3, 2013

Renaissance and Pencil Shavings

You've missed stroking paper and scribbling valiant verses for in the past few weeks, the only literature you knew was your compulsory Religion subject journal and organization paper works. You've missed complaining of your January sickness spells and of how one whole month could conspire to jeopardize the health that you need most. You've missed babbling of unrequited love and it's many faces (and feces). And most of all, you've missed the endless summer-ish days when work was nonexistent and when the words were easier to vomit, minus the pretensions and pressures and margins and space-counts.

But despite the stress, nausea and zombie-inspired mornings on post-sleepless nights, you've managed to survive-limbs very much intact but sacrificing perfectly perfect 20-20 vision. Now the torture of wearing -25 graded eyeglasses has befallen you; a small feat but nonetheless, a significant life alteration for your previously free nose bridge.

Blabberings aside, you're recharged, refreshed and resurrected, and the pencil shavings prove that. Hello? :)


  1. how cute could a bespectacled rei be? haha at yun tlga ang inisip ko.

    1. Haha. I look like a dork Green. Nothing to see here :PP