Saturday, December 1, 2012

Never Yours

A poem wriggles with the wind.
Its verses tangled with the malevolent waves of zephyr as it travels the earth.
Yet with all this expression, I'm never yours.

A song travels the desert;
an oasis shimmers and sprouts with every lyric that touches the ground.
Yet with all this reverberation, I'm never yours.

A painter colors the sky.
Shades of magenta and cyan splatter every bit of cloud and expanse.
Yet despite the kaleidoscope, I'm never yours.

I am a painter. A poet. And a songstress.
Yet despite who I am, I'm never yours.
viii:Tracy Chapman's Never Yours

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  1. and it sucks not being somebody's. Haha. This is way too sad compared to the song. Haist

    1. As in? Didn't mean it to be that gloomy of something. Hehe.

    2. well, it is, or is it just me? :D

    3. *or something. That was supposed to be "or something". Sorry.

      Maybe it's the poem that made you think that?

  2. i feel like i missed something in the prompt this month. lol.

    1. Hmm. A song is subject to many interpretations. Just like art, a novel, or anything else :D

  3. I guess in the end, all I can ask is why?