Tuesday, December 11, 2012

How to Make Mayhem

The sky is the first thing that I take note of when I begin writing something. It's a serious cliche but it gives me the excuse to mix and mingle words to get me in the mood. For example, "The sky is a blue canvas splattered by milky bits of clouds", would generally mean that I'm on my poet mode and I'm also probably hungry which would explain the "milky bits" which would mean that I'm craving for marshmallow. Make sense? Also, it takes care of my length problems. Like right now, one whole paragraph just got constructed. 

Sometimes when I don't think of the sky because I'm somewhere without a view, I'd either lie or describe the coffee I just had or begin a post with earth-shattering thoughts (e.g. pencil marks and shavings , coffee stains, doughnuts-anything that catches my fancy is generally of earth-shattering importance). If you've been reading me for quite some time now, you'd realize that most of my most-read posts are those that involve none of the things that I've just describe. So yeah. This paragraph is basically crap which would perfectly describe most of my second paragraphs where "the block" happens.

Of course, after introductions, the flesh of most stories usually begin in, three, four or five paragraphs (not generally speaking, mind you) but in my blog, most of the flesh happens in two or three, which would reflect the difficulty I have in building lengthy stories and lengthy third paragraphs. 

The conclusion is usually my forte and I end my blog posts with pound for pound realizations, questions, even more realizations, moral lessons (like to never ever cook food when you're incapable of doing so or risk killing the relatives which you'd probably still do anyway), more randomness, blabbers and the like or sometimes I just end posts out of nowhere. I'm lazy like that.

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