Sunday, December 9, 2012

Battles and Boxing Bouts

There will always be that one great loss that will scar your insides more than any form of cancer. It is the unrequited love inside you. It is the pain of getting left behind. It is the embers of that emotion that dries up your thoughts, wells your eyes and burns you inside. Death could have been sweeter.

And while the world mourns over a fighter's loss, you contemplate on your personal battles and the many loses you've made along the way. It is a game; everything is. "Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose". But what's important is that we learn to stand up after every fall and face the crowd unscathed, unburdened but very much enlightened.

Regrets, they may be many, but there will always be that second chance to prove yourself worthy of the title, worthy of the ring. Fight. Go. Win. Life is not a domino. One downfall won't mean the next day's doomed.