Thursday, November 29, 2012

Cafe Americano

Americanos he discovered are best served with conversation and though the potato chips paired with their caffeine confections were obviously inappropriate, they ate them anyway, chewing and sipping at unpatterned intervals.

The sun's rays were soft and filtered just right that it's beams illuminated her face in just the right angles. He realized that her cheeks blush every time a puff of steam touches her face and decided that she looks beautiful that way. Rosy and blooming like pink May blossoms down Aunt Rebecca's garden.

Conversation clouds floated everywhere from Murakami to Tacloban to ponderings after graduation and bedroom interior decorations. And later that night, she'd kiss him and he'd have involuntary tremors from having too much caffeine but it doesn't matter. Nothing matters. Just the soft dewy breeze as he rides home that November evening.

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