Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Birthday Wishlist

Unlike normal folks. I don't normally get jittery and Christmas-y when the '-ber' months come along. One of the reasons is that it's way too early and the second is that I've got a birth date to think of (11-15-92). Anyway, like last year, here's a random list of wishes that I'd like to have before I leave my teen years. But unlike last year's list, let's hope this one gets a happy ending, okay?

And let's face it. This is totally legal. A word of caution though, some of these are entirely ambitious. So, uhm, enjoy?

1. Clothes, shoes, bags and a camera to finally uplift that fashion career. 

2. A date with Adam Chan* in Paris while Lana del Rey sings in the background ♥

3. A Haruki Murakami. Kafka on the Shore or After Dark or any book for that matter is welcome. Thank you very much.

4. A sketchpad for obvious reasons.

5. Love. Happiness. A life lived to the fullest. Laughter. Tears of joy. Success and  failures that keep me aiming for success. More prayers. Faithfulness. Generosity. Strength. #Chos. Haha

I'll just keep my fingers crossed anyway :D


  1. Close your eyes, and Adam Chan will be there in your dreams. Naked. Hihihi.

    Advance Happy Birthday!

    1. Landi! Pero okay. I'm up for the challenge XP Hahaha. Thanks Mugen :)

  2. No. 5 for the win! If only I have a wand. Happy birthday ♔ıǝɹɯɐı♔!

    1. You'd be the hottest fairy godmother if ever Kaloy! LOL. Thanks so much ♥