Thursday, September 20, 2012

Just Give Me A Reason

By the time you read this, I'm probably already on my way to Zamboanga City for a school convention that I have to attend. And though I'd love to sit down and talk things over over coffee with him, considering that he texted me " I love you ", I simply couldn't. I have work to do. And besides, will it be okay to talk about it? I mean, was he serious? Because his succeeding messages pointed out that that was something that I should just forget. 

Last night I was at a moment when all of what I've been hoping for all this time is finally unfolding, but I became afraid, unsure and practical. The pain must've made me a monster. If I answered differently, would things have been different?

Tsk. My life is a blur. Thank God there's this trip to get away from things for a while. 


  1. i'm loving the song esp: we're not broken just bent... here's to hoping... ;p

    1. Yeah! Me too. Those lyrics made me love this song XD