Friday, September 14, 2012

A Series of Blahs and Au Revoirs

1. I never thought it'd come to this, but I have grown weary of coffee, coffee products and coffee infused stuff. I guess my head can no longer take hold of the magnitude of caffeine that I dose myself, every single day. Haisst. Au revoir cafe. You shall be missed.

2. Punsa our beloved feline is missing. She may be dead by now which actually sucks because I wanted to hold her that last time I saw her but I didn't because I was too damn busy with other stuff. Au revior Punsa. You shall be missed. 

3. So he got himself a new boyfriend. I'm supposed to feel okay right? I mean, its been months-two months. And we're friends now. And I've already accepted the fact the he has moved on. And that he has found a new life. A new someone-whoever that is. Au revior? Not really. I think. I mean, di ba?


  1. I hope you find your cat. I know, its the season of procreation, so probably, Punsa is just around, getting humped by some neighbor cat. :)

    1. Fingers-crossed that I do. >.< I miss her terribly.