Saturday, August 4, 2012


My life these days is as stagnant as Lake Placid. It's not that I don't know what to do-hell, I've got a lot of things to do; it's just that there are a lot of times when I just find myself staring blankly at things and it is in between these moments when I get worried. Yeah. Yeah. So the break up screwed my brain. Big deal.

The insanity of these moments, if I may call these as such, are actually funny. Crazy as it may seem, I do enjoy catching myself red-handed drooling over some past mistake that I regret every single day. No, I do not enjoy committing mistakes ladies and gentlemen. I just find it ironically melodramatic, like the ones in movies with matching background music and face fractures, because you see, in the olden days, I used to just laugh at these moments. And now they're becoming my realities, like some Movie-Karma god has avenged its failed ugly Tagalog children! (No offense to Pinoy romance fanatics.)

Urgh. Haigoo. And now I am forever cursed with that curse. Dear readers, I advice you to never laugh at Kim, Sarah, Bea and the likes ever again. The Movie-Karma god has ways of getting back at you, you know.

Anyway, my mundane existence will now be disturbed by the "arising" of our College Intramurals for which I play a big part as an audience-blame my Mom for my sports-less-ness. We'll also have our Regional Midyear Convention in Zamboanga City sometime in September soon. And I'll also get my hands full on some Accounting subjects that I need to review (and first view).

Pray I don't die of stress or go completely bonkers in the process. 

Much l♥ve,



  1. Thank you for using my giraffe picture! For anyone who's curious, you can find more of my art (including more squashed animals) at

    1. That giraffe is truly a masterpiece. Hope I can use some of your other photos too in my future blog posts. Cheerio :)