Thursday, August 9, 2012

Lazy Days and Thursdays

Unlike popular belief, I am not dead. I'm just in a perennial state of laziness. And while scrolling down to infinity mat not be the most productive activity on Thursday mornings, I did just that, because, as I said, I am lazy. 

I smell like a corpse and frankly I do regret not going to school this morning. Oh well, it can't be helped. As I am writing this, the clock is already on PM, so I'll probably just go to school later and catch my 4PM Law class which I cannot afford to miss since our Professor does not allow absences unless you're on comatose or dying in an Emergency Room somewhere.

Forgive the long lackadaisical sentences. Laziness is unforgiving. Even the period on the lower right hand corner of the keyboard seems too far away. 

And while Paloma Faith sings in the background, Lady Gaga graces the cover of Vogue for September and the dearly beloved Anna Piaggi (who I always mistaken as Anne Piaget-a person I do not know) died who I seriously did not know until the fashion world mourned for her. Love her blue hair though. And the hats are spectacular. 

Anyway, you should commend my efforts for trying to squeeze blogging in the middle of my "busy schedule". Though I doubt this will generate a lot of approving nods, comments (comments of outrage, maybe) and  attention from my readers, I'll push through anyway. It's my blog anyway. And babbling senselessly is better than doing nasty stuff. LOL


  1. babbling senselessly is actually an artist at work

    1. I've also read that laziness is a sign of genius :D