Sunday, July 1, 2012

If Happy Ever Afters Did Exist

His hand, bruised from writing, furiously scribbled. The words came out like carbon dioxide, constant but useless and the pile of crumpled paper on his side keeps getting bigger. 

The light of dawn tiptoes by the window
as she lay in bed-

Nope, did this already. 

The first light touched her temples
as she lays in bed, drowned in oblivion
The dawn, a promise; the fulfillment of a tale
of a beauty that slept with flaxen hair

Good start though. But it's a bit dim for a Disney princess. So he resorted to something a bit more cheery-something Mr. Disney and that mouse would appreciate.

Starlight, moonlight (it always begins with stuff like this), laser beams
accompany her as she travels her dreams.
Heroes and horses, princes and knights
armed with valor, unafraid of night.

True love's kiss, she patiently awaits

But bitterness he thought is a mood killer. Even that Accounting exam sounds better than just wallowing in his sadness while it consumes him inside out. And while Maroon 5 and Adele and that Katy Perry song destroys the life out of his eardrums, he remembers pulling that chair and writing this shit. Sorry he didn't do Aurora justice.
iii: Disney Princesses


  1. Now I'm starting to wonder if happily ever after really does exist, hehe

    1. Oh they do-in books and fairy tale crap. (Hahah. Bitter lang) :P

  2. Screw happily ever after! but this is true, "True loves kiss, she patiently awaits"

    1. And here I am waiting for that to happen. Haigoo.

  3. the problem of Aurora and Briar Rose is the problem of the feminine. it's interesting that you and LJ both took this Disney princess. Where he is in the sleep of death, what dreams may come, as Hamlet says, you seem to carry the banner on for Maleficent even after she has been slain and the kingdom redeemed. very curious.

    1. I initially planned on writing about Aurora regretting that true love's kiss but personal matters got in the way that I was only able to write this on July first.

      Maybe I'll just shove this somewhere in my rewrite folders. I seriously wanna give this girl some emo lovin'.

    2. And about Maleficent, I kinda like her, but not on the level that I support her. She's like a really really evil villain kasi and her name says it all.

      And I kinda like that word too. Maleficent. Kalurkey.

      (Excuse my randomness.)

  4. Wake up, Rei! lolz

    I think you're starting to really think about the stuff you post. I wouldn't be too worried about writing something similar to an existing post. Most great writers have recurring themes or a set of words they like to throw in every now and then.

    I do think your last paragraph is a form of hiding. Perhaps I'm assuming here but it seems like you're hiding some truth behind stuff you think people want to read.

    We don't write sad things because we want people to cry with us. We do because it's a part of us we want to release. Release that, Rei and be awake! :)

    1. I guess this calls for a major meditation procedure. My life's just fvcked up right now Nyl and there came that time when I just didn't know what to do.

      You're right. I was pressured and maybe I did over think stuff. Guess it's also time to just let the words flow.

    2. Ooooh yeah. That thing they call meditation. :D