Tuesday, May 1, 2012


The Daddy is an educator; excellent in Math, humble in character. He keeps the family in tact and though appears stern, we all know he has a soft spot for his daughters and often treats them with succulent dinners made by his own fingers.

The Mommy is a secretary for a government agency. She's an extreme organizer and keeps track of the house's cleanliness. She's the classic wife but she's allergic to kitchen duties and often leaves me to the dishwashing task.

The Ate is a high school student fresh of youth and ripe of pimples. She's the house supermodel, taking credit for her beautiful face that she got from Mom and Dad. We love dressing her up with laces and chiffon and she loves exchanging them with denim and cotton. She's the family artist and she spends her free time drawing or playing the piano.

The Bunso is the family singer, belting rhythms and melodies at the utmost ease. She's my confidante,  and she's got a fat bank account.

I ,on the other hand, am the frustrated family member; the red out of the all the blues, the spotted out of all the striped. I clean, I wash, I mop, I scrub; trying to earn a spot of the family I pictured to have. And although they nest me, the color of my feathers will never be enough to make me belong. 

Deep inside, I'm small and frail; broken shards decorate me. I just wonder how I'd look like displayed alone. 
i: Matryoshka Dolls


  1. This has a Cinderella feeling to it, Rei. :) We all have our place. We just have to figure it out.

  2. Very The Good Daughter ang peg. Tama si Spiral, eventually, we will figure out how important we are in a family.

  3. @Spiral Prince and @LJ: Then I suppose I'm gonna need a Fairy Godmother to figure out that place :)

  4. its funny how the tribe becomes the biggest obstacle to the individuation process

  5. I see what you did there.. lolz Isn't it amazing how we all wrote about the same doll but we all presented different impacts?

    I like how all the characters are laid out and it becomes apparent what your role is in all of it. The quirks and characteristics are impeccably detailed.

    At the same time, I'm not sure if I really empathized with how you wrote it. A lot of it feels like teenage angst, something you're completely entitled to imho. I guess what I'm saying is I'd love to see how you can take this and make it more reader friendly. What if I empathized with a different character? How should I feel about you? What if I empathized with you? Is that where it should end? idk, i'm just thinking out loud here. (let me throw your question back to you) waddaya think? :p

    1. Yeah. I feel that this isn't really one of my best works Nyl and thanks for pointing that out. :) Oh well, there's always room for the re-write section of this blog. It may take a while though, I'm blocked. Hehe.

    2. Hala! That's not what I meant. :( I think this post is fine. Siguro parang sa thesis lang, may opportunities for further studies?

    3. Well, I think it needs improvement. Would've added a bit more to fix some parts I don't really like. Hehe.