Saturday, March 24, 2012

Road to Recovery: Day 4

March 10, 2012
The Other (Wo)Man
Lesson No. 1: Just because he likes your facebook status doesn't mean he still likes you. Just because he responds to your pm's doesn't mean he wants you back. 
You're stupid Mon. Admit that. Do you think it was wise to chat him here though you know he was obviously avoiding you? Do you think its wise to thank him for the facebook likes and like some of his status updates too and silently view his profile every now and then?

You're stupid Mon. Snap out of it. 

You need to get him out of your life Mon, listen to me. Can't you see? He's already moved on. He's acting like nothing happened. And you sit there, lurking in the corner feeling like the whole world's resting on your shoulders.

You know who's being unfair? It's not him Mon. It wasn't his fault he chose his ex over you. He loved him still. It was your fault you meddled with their affairs in the first place. Malandi ka lang talaga. Bitch. 

And now you complain that you can't stand it without him? Pwe. Live a life!

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