Thursday, March 22, 2012

Road to Recovery: Day 2

March 8, 2012

Finding solace in Adele.

His memory still lurks like ghostly premonitions and I'm striving really hard to block him out. It happens mostly in the morning, when I remember our sweet nothings via SMS and the way my heart always skips a beat every time he replies. This morning was no different. Except that instead of smiles, I spent its entirety forlorn.

There are moments when I think to myself that its my fault I signed up for this s**t. And there are also those moments, the hardest ones, when I question why everything happened. How can something, something that happened so fast be this significant? How dare it left this giant scar on my chest? And the even scarier question, "Is it possible to love again?"

Be happy, my intuition tells me. And so I will be. But as of now, I'll let the memories roll by, like watching films, memorizing every bit of action, every stroke of light, until that moment comes when everything becomes a blur-a figment of imagery. And then everything becomes mundane. And then normalcy. And then happiness.

*Update: Closure. And it tasted like freedom.

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